Broom customization

Broom customization

Apart from classic brooms that we have in our offer that can satisfy certain needs, our goal has always been satisfied client, there for in our offer we also include possibility to customize our final product to client specification.

During broom manufacturing it is possible to select following final product characteristics:

Broom handle length :

For classic broom usual length is from 85 to 110 cm (33’’ to 44’’). This length is usually meant for grown adult.

As well it is possible to use shorter handle for witch our production process is adapted for making broom with special use.

B room handle color:

Depending on final product purpose we also offer possibility to paint broom handle with color that is specified by our client. Most sold product is broom handle without any coats, either paint or protection layer, with additionally helps possibility to recycle products at end of it life cycle.

As well there is possibility to add transparent layer that doesn’t affect broom natural texture but additionally protects broom from weather damage that is if broom is designed for outside use.

Possibility to have different broom handle colors enables that with in one working area you can use different broom that are designed for cleaning different systems without possibility to contaminate one area with unwanted dust from another work area.

Also if needed we offer broom handles that have small hall on top of handle, which helps way broom can be stored while not in use.

Size and weight of broom body:

Within classic broom usual weight is from 750 to 1100g, which is optimal weight between amount of sorghum needed for quality cleaning and broom size for easier handling.

Smaller weight is usually used for smaller broom size that are intended to use within hard to reach surfaces, while bigger weight is more suitable for larger and open areas.

By client specification we can customize broom body length and well its share, which can additionally affect final product look and feel.

Number of seams used on broom body:

Most common amount of seams is from 2 to 8 per broom. This is usually affected by broom size and weight, as lighter brooms need less seams while heavier ones require more seams to keep broom body tight while broom performs it cleaning duty.

Although function of seam is to keep broom body structure stable, it is also used as decorative element which add to broom traditional look and feel. Most common color used for seams is red and blue, nevertheless we offer possibility to customize this element as well, so that our clients can chose whatever color they see fit for brooms they need.

Broom body decoration

If neede we offer possibility to add decorative element on top of broom body that aslo has a function of additional protection from broom. In our offer we have wire, textile and plastic decorative elements.

Broom customization
Broom customization
Broom customization
Broom customization