Biodegradable brooms

Biodegradable brooms

Even when we are small company, with large manufacturing capabilities, so even our little harmful influence on nature we take seriously and always search for new possibilities to lower that influence even more.

Therefor ever our products is designed in way, that every part of our products is possible to recycle or it is by itself biodegradable in nature. Every material used during broom construction is found in nature in it original form.

Broom body is made from sorghum which is biodegradable in nature and doesn’t harm environment. While using our brooms there is no fear that even smalles pieces that are worn out during broom use can harm nature around you. Sorghum itself isn’t chemically treated..

Metal parts that are used to connect broom body with handle can be recycled and reused.

Broom handle is made from wood and paint used on handles is ecofriendly.